The Origin Story

The Gat and The Cat may sound quite familiar to a childhood book that you might have read, but unlike that magical cat and his magical hat, this story features something less magical and more realistic. It features a dog named Gatsby, Gatsby 565 to be exact and a cat named Kyle. We’ll give a little background on these two and how they came into our lives.

My mother took me to a kitten event at the PetSmart where my sister worked and brought me to a room full of kittens. In this tiny room was a bundle of little adorable and totally fantastic kittens. They were exquisite… every last one of them. I had found the perfect one it was feisty, loud, and so cute. My mother came into the room and asked for me to come to the back and leave the baby little puddin’ pop in the room. When I had walked through the doors into the back there laid a grown cat with a very chatty mouth. My mother then proceeded to tell me that she had already signed the paperwork and this was our new family member. I asked for his name and my sister with the biggest smirk on her face answered, “Kyle”. I immediately glared at the cat and said his name with a deep and belittling tone. I wanted a kitten, not a cat who was 2 years of age and had the worst name ever… Kyle. Stupid. Regardless he was ours and the entire drive home he was so loud and chatty. He actually started to have a yes/ no conversation with me and it was weird and awkward. Eventually, I learned to love this cat more than any other I’ve had before and he was incredibly smart and reliable. He was a well-trained beauty with still a very misleading and ridiculous name.

The Great Gatsby 565, however, is where the story really begins. My partner and I had decided to really commit to our relationship and take it to the next level by purchasing and raising a puppy. When we got him he was a little bundle of adorable and super-duper cute. My partner had raised and trained dogs all his life so he already prepared everything we could possibly need for this little rascal. Gatsby is like any other puppy; we just didn’t expect how hard it is raising figuratively a baby. No one expects it to be easy, but everyone glorifies the shit out of getting a puppy and “Marley and Me” doesn’t even scratch the surface of how stressful and exhausting it is. Still, he is our little puddin’ pop.

Where these two meet however it truly a battle of either Gods or two babies crying and throwing poo at one another. Now with Gatsby in the picture, Kyle has to maintain his territory and strives to be the #1 child to us. While Gatsby’s job is to be a baby and always want the attention of us. Both of our children are now in a war, a furry little war and we the humans are deciding to document this historical event in our lives. We hope that you’ll find this blog and story useful in whatever capacity you need and hope it sheds some true light on the realities of getting a puppy.


-Human A and Human B.


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