Toy Review: StarMark Bumper Ball

StarMarkBusterBallStarMark Bumper Ball Overview

We have had this toy for about two weeks now. Gatsby has some problems being left alone so we use this as a means of teaching him that us being away is okay.  It is not his first treat dispensing toy though he has also used the Kong Wobbler. Which you can read the review about here. 😀

What is this toy?

StarMarkBusterBall2It is a treat dispensing toy with four chambers for the food or treats to tumble through before falling out the hole on the green side.  The rubber coating makes it quiet and less slippery so it doesn’t roll around without a push.



Gatsby is not a heavy chewer and being a puppy it was expected that there would be more damage on the toy than we saw. He can’t pick the ball up with his mouth and he is never left alone with it without some sort of supervision.  It has held up to him knocking it down our stairs and throwing it around our living room.



This toy is time-consuming for him. The 4 chambers make it more difficult for him to knock all the treats out like he does with the Kong Wobbler.  The more square shape also has encouraged him to knock it around with his paws rather than biting on it.

Difficulty :


This toy can be frustrating to dogs that have not used puzzle toys before. The chambers make it more difficult. For dogs just learning this toy, I recommend filling only the first two chambers which are labeled on the inside of the yellow half. This will make the toy less difficult and less frustrating for a dog that is learning.


  • Holds Lots Of food
  • Quiet
  • Challenging
  • Durable


  • Difficult To Open
  • Not For Heavy Chewers
  • Does Not Work Well For Bigger Food








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